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Lip Augmentation

If you want desirable lips, rich in color with true definition and shape, lip enhancement or augmentation can work wonders. Redness can be increased, wrinkle lines can be smoothed and lip size can be increased or decreased easily. There are several techniques available.

Collagen/Fat Injections: Collagen is the body's natural filler material. Injections of either collagen or fat are used to add volume to the lips. There is no recovery time for this procedure.

Fascia Graft: In this procedure a thick sheet of natural collagen is removed from another area of the body and slid into the lip as a whole strip of tissue. The result is more lip volume.

Lip Advancement: If you want more color in your lips, then lip advancement can enhance the red part of the lip. Small areas of tissues inside the lip are pulled together, thus pushing the lip out further increasing the amount of red showing. This procedure can be done on both the upper and lower lips.

Procedure Time: up to 1.5 hours

Recovery Time: up to 3 days
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